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We are IRS Tax Professionals, Accountants & Business Consultants, For Your Individual and Business Tax Returns (Federal & State)..


Quality control (QC) is of utmost importance when delivering professional services, including tax planning and compliance services..


Our resolution and commitments to our clients and partners are embedded in the foundation of our core values and principles.


To empower us to represent you before the IRS and to authorize IRS release transcripts and other relevant information...


The GRP is simply a dynamic fund raising platform – a concept wherein referrers across the globe refers United States taxpayers to our firm for federal and states tax returns preparation services in return...


Ask a tax expert service offers free tax advice to individuals, corporations, and small businesses.


There are numerous free options available for taxpayers to obtain tax products, tax preparation and assistance.


The tax law tutorials focus on different types of federal tax law documents and primary source materials.

wELCOME Global Alliance Solution!

Mission Statement

Global Alliance Solution is vested in diverse strategic management consultancy services especially in dynamic environments. Primarily, we are a full service tax planning, tax preparation and accounting provider for individuals and businesses in the United States. Our commitment is to grow our company through the various specialized deliverables that benefits our clients; our global networking partners and the dedicated pool of talented workforce we recruit and maintain to execute all of the services we offer. Our resolve and commitments to our clients and partners are embedded in the foundation of our core values and principles: loyalty, objectivity, honesty, respect, straightforwardness, ethics and transparency - leaving no stone unturned in the conduct and execution of our duties.

Our Vision

As IRS registered tax professionals, book-keepers and consultants in diverse strategic management services, we combine our knowledge, expertise and forty years of experiences to put the best team always on our clients’ side - providing excellent services to the communities we serve. Our vision knows no bounds as long as the services to be performed falls within purview of our specialties, expertise and experiences, which unmistakably is demonstrated in the diverse quality of professional staffing retained and maintained at all times. Once committed, our foremost responsibility is to pursue and deliver excellent services that meets our clients’ goals and objectives satisfactorily.


Our IRS registered tax return professional team stand ready to answer all of your tax related questions; to e-file or paper file your tax return for faster maximum refund and to provide you our best representation.

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Members of the Board of Advisers

Members of the Board of Advisers