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about us

Mission Statements

Global Alliance Solution is vested in diverse strategic management consultancy services especially in dynamic environments. Primarily, we are a full service tax planning, tax preparation and accounting provider for individuals and businesses in the United States. Our commitment is to grow our company through the various specialized deliverables that benefits our clients; our global networking partners and the dedicated pool of talented workforce we recruit and maintain to execute all of the services we offer.

Our resolve and commitments to our clients and partners are embedded in the foundation of our core values and principles: loyalty, objectivity, honesty, respect, straightforwardness, ethics and transparency - leaving no stone unturned in the conduct and execution of our duties. We define and measure our growth parallel to clients' satisfaction from the highest standards and quality deliverables we hold ourselves accountable to, and nothing less - ensuring that the services and resources we provide our clients are maximized and timely to benefit them their respective strategies and business profiles. We are always improving our business and operational processes to acquire and maintain competitive edge through innovation, dedication and diligence.

our history

In 2014, Mr. John Chea Davies, founded Global Alliance Solutions, LLC. His vision has since been, as imbedded in our Mission Statements, to form a group that does not only distinguished itself in special ways, but simply walking in the shoes of its clients; providing professional services with a flavor of dedication, passion, diligence and empathy; 'striving for excellence to exceed clients' expectations'. Within two years in business, our firm acquired and maintained a happier pool of clientele (over 1250 clients, individuals and corporations). The firm created and implemented its signature 'Global Referral Program (GRP)' opening fundraising opportunities for people and non-profit organizations around the world to raise funds for various humanitarian causes during the United States tax return seasons (January thru April), an innovation, or better still, an achievement that evidently distinguished the firm and helped us acquire and maintain competitive edge over our competitors in the industry within a relatively short period of time, which is seen by experts in the business as a notable feat for a small firm. On the first year of the GRP (2016 Tax Season), the firm paid out referral fees and matched contributions to humanitarian causes to the tone of $112,500.00 worldwide. This amount is expected to quadruple this current 2017 tax season. In addition, the firm has grown its clientele and making headway in serving clients in all 50 states not only in the area of individual and corporate taxation services, but also with the other deliverables: Book Keeping and Accounting, Management and Business Compliance Services, Strategic Management Solutions and International Expansion Strategies. Staffed with qualified and experienced tax professionals, and proficient with state-of-the-art technologies in this environment, we have cultivated a culture for providing and delivering professional services online (including filing our clients tax returns) in a highly secured and encrypted environment with ZERO percent chance of compromising client confidentiality; mitigating risk without subjecting or inconveniencing clients with the burden and costs of traveling to our offices or waiting long agonizing hours for services. Because we recognize and value clients' time and space, we have developed this culture to work effectively and efficiently with them (clients) from the comfort of their home and at their convenience. We are available to work with clients, 24/7 across various time-zones in the United States. The 'Promotion' page on his website illustrates step by step actions our clients or potential clients are allowed to take in order to facilitate execution of our online services.

jobs & Contractors

Career & Global Partnership Opportunities

We will be considering part-time and full-time employment during the tax season. Currently, we are seeking Country Representatives for the Global Referral Program (GRP). If you are interested in representing the program in any country, please contact our office to verify availablity. It is important to first review the requirements and responsibilities for the position before you apply. To review these, please check the GRP and Promotion pages.

meet our team

John C. Davies, MBA, CCFC

John C. Davies, MBA CCFC & CEO

MBA, Accounting CTU 2014 - 40 years’ experience in public accounting, taxation and business administration. Chess Grand Master. Founded GAS 2014

Deborah Schultz, PhD

Deborah Schultz, PhD Director Strategic Management Services

PhD Economics 1997, University of Sheffield, UK – 15 years’ experience in international expansion strategies and business administration. 2 years at GAS

Robert Willoughby, MBA

Robert Willoughby, MBA Director, Business and Compliance Services

MBA Economics 2009, University of Toledo, Ohio. Previous work experience with Social Security Administration and Our Family Chess, Inc. 2 years with GAS

Ben L. Johnson, BSc, CPA

Ben L. Johnson, BSc, CPA Director Accounting and Tax Services

BSc Accounting - University of Maryland 1988. 25 years’ experience in public accounting and taxation services. 3 years with GAS

Isha Colley, BSc

Isha Colley, BSc Clients’ Relation Manager/Finance

BSc Business Information Management and Finance. Leeds Metropolitan University UK. Several years as experience banker with M&T bank. Also, a Notary Public.

Ramatu Davies, AA

Ramatou S. Davies, AA Office Manager

AA, Howard College 2009, 3 years’ office management experience at Our Family Chess, INC. 3 years at GAS

Jacqueline P. Davies, AA

Jacqueline P. Davies, AA Clients Relation Manager

AA, Business & Accounting 2015, Montgomery College, Maryland.


  • Global Alliance Solution is a registered IRS Tax Professional Firm
  • Global Alliance Solution is a member of the National Alliance of Tax Professionals in the United States.
  • Global Alliance Solution maintains a pool of professional and talented staffs
  • Once committed, our foremost responsibility is to pursue and deliver excellent services that meets our clients’ goals and objectives.


Our vision knows no bounds as long as the services to be performed falls within purview of our specialties

Our resolve and commitments to our clients and partners are embedded in the foundation of our core values and principles: loyalty, objectivity, honesty, respect, straightforwardness, ethics and transparency leaving no stone unturned in the conduct and execution of our duties.


Patrick K. Johnson Jr.

"After finding little to no help with a professional tax firm in Northern VA, it seemed all doors for help were closed. We came across GASolution on LinkedIn and ever since, we have been a very satisfied small business."

Alpheus Tech INC,
Sharon Davis-Edward

"In the mist of several years of accrued but complicated tax issues and burdens resulting to treats of federal liens etc., our resolve was simple: ‘to search and find the best in the business to help us resolve these long-standing tax issues, relief us off the stress level and stable the ship. That search led us to find peace of mind when Global Alliance Solutions steps in to negotiate on our behalf, removing all liens; plan, organize and direct our short-term and long-term tax strategies. When it comes to your taxes, individual and corporate, there is nothing like having peace of mind when you know one of the best in the country in your corner."

Sharon Davis-Edward
Managing Director

S. J Edwards INC,